Your Growing Baby
Your Growing Baby
Your Growing Baby
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At 6 months, a lot has changed. What about their formula?
Nourish their growing brain and body with the next stage of Enfamil A+® nutrition—Enfamil A+® 2.
New energy, new ability and a newly emerging personality. It’s a whole new world at 6 months. And nutrition continues to help support your increasingly active baby. Enfamil A+ 2 has age-appropriate levels of calcium, iron and protein. Plus DHA—an important building block of the brain. So when your baby is ready for the next stage of development, you can give them nutrition that helps nourish it.
Nourishing milestones at every stage.™
* Enfamil A+ has a fibre blend that can help promote good bacteria. Good bacteria help support the immune system.
** MJN calculation using Nielsen MarketTrack, DHA segment; Total Infant Formula Market.
† Nipples sold separately.
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