Did you know that solids are “extras”?
As your baby transitions to solid foods, he’ll still get most of his nutrients from breast milk or formula. Think of solids not only as extra nutrition, but also as an opportunity for him to experience new textures and flavours, while practicing the oral motor skills necessary for spoon-feeding. If you’re formula feeding, consider switching at six months to a next stage formula, such as Enfamil A+® 2, that is designed to help nourish his growing brain and body. Enfamil A+ 2 has a nutritional blend that helps support strong bodies and bones in growing babies, age-appropriate levels of calcium and iron, and DHA, a type of Omega-3 fat that is a building block of the brain.
What to know about starting solids
As he starts solids, you need to ensure your baby is getting all the nutrients he needs.
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03. At 6 months a lot has changed
04. 4 important nutrients
05. Brain growth
06. Why is DHA important now?
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08. Stimulating milestones
09. What to know about starting solids
10. Feeding milestones
11. Introducing solid food