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Tummy troubles?
You're not alone.
Help your baby feel calm and comfortable by choosing the Enfamil A+ formulas designed for common feeding issues.
Enfamil A+ Gentlease® is tummy friendly and easy to digest.* It contains a reduced level of lactose and a protein blend patterned after breast milk that has been partially broken down. In fact, 95% of Moms who switched to Enfamil A+ Gentlease said their babies’ tummy discomfort was resolved.§
Enfamil A+® for feeding babies who frequently Spit Up# has rice starch that becomes thicker in a baby’s stomach—and it’s clinically proven to reduce frequent spit-up.

These formulas can help you and your baby feel comfortable during feeding time and after. And like all Enfamil A+ formulas, they both have brain-nourishing DHA.
* Similar to all infant formulas. † ~1/5 of the lactose of a full-lactose, routine, milk-based formula. ‡ Based on whey:casein ratio of typical, mature breast milk (15 days - 6 months after birth) prior to partial hydrolysis. § Based on a survey of Moms with babies experiencing tummy discomfort using routine formula.
# For babies who spit up more than 4 times per day.
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