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meal Q&As

How can I add snacks to my toddler’s diet?
Toddlers require small, nutritious snacks between meals to fuel their growth and development. Try to serve foods that might be missed at meals, such as fruit and vegetables. The best snacks are small, nutritious and appealing to your toddler.
How much should my toddler eat?
Let your toddler decide. A toddler’s appetite can change from day to day,
so don’t force them to eat or limit the amount that they eat.
What can my toddler eat?
Feed your toddler what the rest of the family eats. Use the proportions of foods on the Canada's Food Guide plate as a tool to help you make healthy meals or snacks. Remember that toddlers may require less food, so you may need to serve a mini version of the meal.
Sample Healthy Meals
for Toddlers
1 to 3
years old
BREAKFAST Oatmeal with milk, berries,
soft boiled egg, milk in a cup
or breast milk
MORNING SNACK Apple slices, yogurt or water
LUNCH Baked beans, lentils or dhal, whole wheat pita with hummus, cooked sliced carrots, milk in a cup or breast milk
AFTERNOON SNACK 100% whole wheat unsalted
crackers, cheese cubes, Enfagrow A+
DINNER Baked salmon flavoured with sesame oil (high in DHA), quinoa or whole wheat couscous, sweet potato, milk in a cup or breast milk
Grapes (cut into quarters), homemade mini banana muffins, Enfagrow A+
Check out our food guide, handy for both print and mobile!
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