Life with your toddler:
dealing with common challenges

Temper tantrums
Tantrums are a normal part of your child's emotional development. Setting consistent limits, allowing your toddler to make choices, and redirecting their attention can all help prevent them. When tantrums do happen, try to remain calm. Offer gentle comfort without going overboard, as some toddlers will seek the added attention.
Playing alone
This one is easy—just don’t worry about it! Parallel play is the main way young toddlers play together. Seated side by side, they happily pursue their own activities. They are probably having a good time just being close and learning by watching one another! Forcing them to interact simply isn’t necessary.
Separation anxiety
Your toddler’s worries are entirely normal, and telling them this may ease their anxiety. It may also help to give them advance warning, talk about their fears, and remind your toddler that you have always come back before. When it comes time to leave, staying calm, loving, and confident will reassure them.
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