A nursing pillow (helps reduce neck and back strain)
Nursing bras (offer easy access and ample support)
Nursing pads (cushion sensitive nipples and prevent leaks from soaking through)
A comfortable place to sit (gliders and rocking chairs calm baby)
Nipple cream (helps soothe and heal cracked nipples)
What every breastfeeding Mom needs:
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The basics
A step-by-step guide to nourishing your newborn

By Sara Morgan
Shortly, you’ll be holding your newborn to your breast and giving him the best possible nutrition. But starting out can be a challenge. For many, breastfeeding takes practice and patience to perfect. “Those first few days were pretty hairy,” remembers Danielle Meadows, a mother of two. “I couldn’t get Evan to latch on properly, I couldn’t get comfortable, I felt really anxious, and the pain was almost unbearable. But after some time together—and more than a few tears—it got much better and I went on to nurse Evan for nearly six months.”
Starting breastfeeding—what to expect
From the start, I wanted to breastfeed. Everything I read confirmed what I already believed—that breastfeeding is the best way to nourish your baby. But I also learned breastfeeding helps protect your baby from infections—and it’s good for you, too. Studies show that nursing Moms return to their pre-pregnancy weight sooner than bottle-feeding Moms. Of course, rational benefits like these weren’t all I was thinking about. Again and again friends and family members had told me about the incredible intimacy of breastfeeding. As a Mom-to-be, I longed for that