Stimulating developmental milestones
As your baby nears toddlerhood, playtime is more important than ever. His brain is growing fast, and that drives his pursuit of cognitive, motor, communication and social milestones. Here are a few activities you can do together that are fun and will help your ‘almost’ toddler down the road of development.
Encourage communication milestones by responding to your baby’s exclamations as if he is using clearly spoken language and try to engage him in a back-and-forth “conversation.”
Take turns hiding: Cover your head with a small blanket and let your baby pull it off to reveal you. Next, put it loosely over his head and pull it off. He’ll quickly catch on that the game works both ways.
Promote hand-eye coordination by putting some toys in a net bag, and show your baby how to take things out and put them back.
6 months