Get the scoop on your baby's poop
Many parents worry about the colour, consistency and/or frequency of their baby’s poops (stools). Your baby’s stools will change as he develops—and they may even change from one day to the next. They can vary depending on how old he is, whether he’s breastfed or bottle fed, and whether he’s started solids.
If you find yourself spending a lot of time inspecting your baby’s diaper, you’re not alone.
01. Welcome
02. Table of Contents
03. DHA
04. Feeding baby
05. Breastfeeding
06. Nursing
07. There's nothing like it
08. Vitamin D
09. Formula feeding
10. Is your baby getting enough to eat?
11. Feeding problems fixed
12. Fuss busters
13. Why choose Enfamil A+
14. Get the scoop on your baby's poop
15. Learning language
16. Developmental milestones
17. Stimulating developmental milestones
18. Feeding time is bonding time
19. The art of sleep