Options to fit your needs
Enfamil A+® is formulated for your baby and the different options are designed to fit your life, from
convenient ready to feed bottles to Canada’s only refill system—our reusable tub and Eco-smart* refill box.
Ready to feed for newborns – Nipple ready Nursette® Bottles
Designed to simplify formula feeding or supplementing your newborn right from his first days. Just add an Enfamil nipple. Also available in a value size 24-pack.
Ready to feed for older babies – Resealable bottles
Discover how easy it can be with simple Enfamil A+ Ready to Feed formula. Ready whenever your baby needs it, just pour it straight into the bottle—no mixing required. Also available in a value size 18-pack.
Discover Grab and Go Single Serve Packets
Easy to use at home or on the go! Mix with water as indicated on the label.
Reusable tub and Eco-smart* refills
Canada’s first and only formula tub and refill system. Just mix the right amounts of water and powder as indicated on the label.
*Our refill boxes are 100% recyclable and have 40% less packaging per gram of product vs. our 663 g tub.
feeding time
is bonding time
These early moments, your baby’s first months, are precious. It’s a time to build a special bond that will last a lifetime—for both of you.
Hold her close. Feel her warmth. See her grow and change every day. These are the simple pleasures you and your loved ones can enjoy sharing the feeding experience. Every time you rock her, look into her eyes, take her tiny hand in yours, sing softly or soothe her while you give her the nutrition she needs, you are building trust. And the bond goes both ways. Skin-to-skin contact when feeding by breast or bottle can boost intimacy even more. It is a wonderful time of discovery. And, when you’re ready, it can also be an amazing time to go out and explore the world together.
“I am very thankful for Enfamil A+ convenient ‘nipple ready’ formula. It played an important role in helping my 2-day old daughter to regain her strength.”
— A Mom from
5 Tips for Getting Out
Start small.
Take baby to the grocery store, mall, or park for an hour or so. Leave home right after a feeding so you’ve got a happy baby.
Be prepared.
If you’re breastfeeding, wear a shirt that’s simple to lift and a nursing bra that opens easily. If you are uncomfortable breastfeeding in public, bring a blanket. If you’re formula feeding, pack extra of whatever format you use so you’re prepared for an unexpected delay.
Consider convenience.
If you’re formula feeding, you’ve got options. With Enfamil A+® Nursette® Bottles, just add a nipple and you’re ready to feed your newborn. For slightly older babies, Enfamil A+® Ready to Feed Bottles let you pour only as much as you need into your baby’s bottle, no mixing required.
Keep it clean.
Before feeding your baby, wash your hands or use a sanitizing gel. If you’re formula feeding with powder or liquid concentrate, bring sterile water from home so you don’t have to use water from a drinking fountain or bathroom sink.
Try a longer trip.
If you’re driving, leave close to naptime so your baby can sleep en route and be alert and refreshed when you arrive at your destination.